Tips for reducing alcohol intake

If you think you may be an alcoholic, then you can cause yourself more damage by stopping drinking straight away. Always consult your GP for advice, but in general if you wish to start reducing your intake then the following behaviours can help you to do so safely.

  • Pace your drinking
  • Take smaller sips
  • Put your glass down between sips
  • Occupy yourself with something else whilst drinking
  • Change your drink
  • Drink for the taste
  • Don’t drink beer and spirits together
  • If you drink spirits, dilute them
  • Refuse drinks during some rounds
  • Duck every other round
  • Try a 'spacer' (non-alcoholic drink) between rounds
  • Imitate the slow drinker in the pub
  • Start drinking later
  • Take at least 2 days rest from alcohol per week
  • Start a drink diary, keeping track of your weekly intake
  • Keep under a daily maximum intake
  • Keep under a weekly total intake
  • Give yourself material rewards for success