Anabolic Steroids

Other names

'roids' Product names include: Sustanon 250, Deca-Durabolin, Dianbol, Anavar, Stanozolol

What is looks like & how it is taken

Tablets which are swallowed. Liquids which are injected

The effects

With exercise, can help build up muscle. Helps user recover from strenuous exercise

The health risks

Can stop young people growing properly
Risks for men include: erection problems, breast growth, shrinking testicles, sterility, acne, increased chance of liver failure and heart attack
Risks for women include: growth of facial hair, deepening voice, shrinking breasts, possible miscarriage and stillbirth
Can only be sold lawfully by a pharmacist to someone with a doctor's prescription
Supply is illegal and Class C penalties apply
Can become violent

Legal Status

Class C penalties may apply even if you give someone the drugs and don't ask for money in return


Possession: 2 years and a fine Supply: 5 years and a fine