Cocaine & Crack

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Other names

Cocaine: Coke, Charlie, Snow, C
Crack (a smokeable form of cocaine): Rock Wash, Stone

What is looks like & how it is taken

Cocaine: white powder that is snorted up the nose, sometimes dissolved and injected
Crack: small raisin-sized crystals which are smoked

The effects

Sense of well-being, alertness, confidence
Effects last roughly 30 minutes
Users are often left craving more
Crack has the same effects as cocaine, but a more intense and shorter ‘high’

The health risks

Cocaine and Crack are addictive
Leave users feeling tired and depressed for one or two days and sometimes longer
Can cause chest pain and heart problems that can be fatal
Heavy use can cause convulsions
A habit can be expensive and hard to control
Crack and Cocaine carry the same risks, but as the high can be so intense, crack use is even more difficult to control

Legal Status

Class A


Possession: 7 years and a fine Supply: Life imprisonment and a fine