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Boot Camp provides a rapid therapuetic intervention for those wanting recovery from substance misuse. The Boot Camp offers recovery support in your own environment and aims to help people to understand their addiction, develop healthy coping mechanisms and to remain in long term recovery.  Boot Camp gives a bespoke individual template for an abstinence based way of life and guidance on extra activities outside the counselling environment.

Referral into Boot Camp is through the SDAC Helpline or after completing weekly sessions with the Telephone Counselling Service.  A BACP Registered Counsellor will contact you within 48 hours and treatment will commence normally within 5 days.

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“My life has changed so much. I am so pleased I was accepted on this programme (TCS Boot Camp Service). The twice-daily sessions made such a difference. My counselling was tough at times, but he had so much patience, knowledge, and care. This has turned my life around beyond anything I thought was possible.”