Gases / Glues & Aerosols

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Other names

Products such as lighter gas refills, aerosols containing products such as hairspray, deodorants and air fresheners, tins or tubes of glue, some paints, thinners and correcting fluids

What it looks like & how it is taken

Sniffed or breathed into the lungs from a cloth or sleeve
Gas products are sometimes squirted directly into the back of the throat
Effects feel similar to being very drunk
Users feel thick-headed, dizzy, giggly and dreamy
Users may hallucinate
Effects don’t last very long, but users can remain intoxicated all day by repeating the dose

The effects

Nausea, vomiting, black-outs and heart problems that can be fatal
Squirting gas products down the throat may cause the body to produce fluid that floods the lungs and this can cause instant death

The health risks

Risk of suffocation if the substance is inhaled from a plastic bag over the head
Accidents can happen when the user is high because their senses are affected.
Long-term abuse of glue can damage the brain, liver and kidneys

Legal Status

It is illegal for shopkeepers to sell gas lighter refills to anyone under 18, and it is illegal to sell gases, glues and aerosols to under-18s, or to people acting for them if they suspect the product is intended for abuse.